Only Kkanbu

KKANBU Chicken will mark a turning point in Korean chicken market!

  • Passion

    A lot of people want to join and become a part of KKANBU Chicken. However, not all aspirants can be a franchise owner of KKANBU Chicken. Expanding the number of franchises is not a major concern for KKANBU Chicken. We are truly looking for would-be franchise owners who are passionate about selective locations only.

  • Genuineness

    A lot of brands are trying to copy emulate KKANBU Chicken. However, genuineness cannot be emulated. Fixtures and fittings for optimal circulation, lighting that minimizes fatigue, indirect light for extra comfort, kitchen arrangement with safety and efficiency taken into account. Our space know-how and experience is incorporated into every corner of our stores. Careful concern down to nitty-gritty details... Everything in KKANBU Chicken is created with genuine care for customers.

  • Support

    Heartfelt support services of our dedicated supervisors will enable franchise owners to focus on sales and marketing. All our organizations and teams, including Venture Support Division, Operating Support Division, Product Development R&D, Space Innovation R&D and Hotline exist and are operated exclusively for our franchise owners. Our long-term community relationship with franchise owners represents genuine companionship of KKANBU family.

  • Principle

    We comply with our principles under all circumstances. We have completed standardization through relentless efforts incessant efforts. We provide everyday fresh food ingredients through standard quantity package so that customers can enjoy the same level of quality and taste any KKANBU Chicken franchise store they visit. The flavor and taste of KKANBU is carefully created through highly differentiated manufacturing principles and know-how. We use food ingredients produced by HACCP-certified food ingredient suppliers as recommended by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. We maintain the original taste and flavor of chicken through our proprietary pickled engineering. We have systematically standardized the process of creating our unique tastes through in-depth scientific analysis of various taste-affecting elements, including sweetness, acidity, salinity and even temperature. We also spare no effort in developing new menu items with tastes and health taken into account.

  • No compromise

    KKANBU has risen in revolt against existing chicken businesses. Indiscreet franchise expansion, showy celebrity ads.. KKANBU does not post ads to invite franchise owners.

  • Education & Training

    All our newly joining franchise owners will get week-long education and training. Our specialized education program is intended to provide our customers with the same level of quality, tastes and services.

  • Hotline

    We have established hotline system to keep communication channel with franchise owners open throughout the year. Communication channel that is always open and transparent.. We are committed to supporting franchise owners in any way we can.

  • Friendly Community

    Our long-term community relationship with franchise owners represents genuine companionship of KKANBU family. Our quarterly community activities are our proud heritage our KKANBU family have kept and cherished. Let us get together to make things better for our customer and ourselves. KKANBU is family.

  • One-day Delivery

    All it takes is a single click a day. We have established one-day delivery system to delivery safe and fresh food ingredients. This is something everyone desires but has yet to be implemented. If you place your order through the Internet Order System prior to closing, we refill your refrigerator while you are asleep. All these services are available on your mobile device as well.